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Dragon Age Girls calendar teaser #8

3 days ago
DA girls calendar


try> fail> slap a cheeb on it and call it a day

4 days ago
fenris dragon age


Look what I found in the mail today *happy dance*. Gorgeous DA postcards by askbroodyelf.

Thank you so much for the speedy delivery, my dear. I love them!

Awwww yissss! I’m happy that you like them! Enjoy!

There are still postcards available here.

6 days ago


Hawke and Fenris reuniting after being separated

They stand there for a moment, staring at each other like they both don’t quite believe it. They think that…it must be dream, this…they can’t really be there? Can they? Hawke steps forward and puts their hand on Fenris’ shoulder, and then they just seem to fall into each other’s arms. 

Hawke grips his shirt, sobs rather loudly, kisses his cheek and the side of his neck, and buries their face in the crook of his neck. They keep repeating “I love you.” over and over.

Fenris isn’t as…vocal, but the way he holds Hawke speaks for itself. So tight they can barely breathe, he is weeping too but his tears are silent, and he presses soft kisses to their temple. He only says one thing “Please…don’t scare me like that again.”  

They stay there, holding each other, for what seems like hours. 

1 week ago
don't do that to me fenris hawke fenhawke dragon age headcanon

"It’s just you now. Take care of mother."

Act 1: Carver’s death

1 week ago
joran hawke Carver Hawke my edits


No one talks about how Fenris’ sense of humor plays well off purple!Hawke’s jokes.

1 week ago
they have the same sense of humor and it's adorable fenris hawke fenhawke dragon age

Just after I finished drawing Shale, my Tumblr Radar thought I would like this:

1 week ago
shale dragon age

Dragon Age Girls calendar teaser #7

1 week ago
this is my favorite so far I love Shale so much you have no idea DA girls calendar

It’s time to draw the most important calendar girl of them all :DDD

1 week ago
broody draws calendar girls
Anonymous inquired: wait is it canon that fenris is dying from lyrium poisoning (just slowly)?? i had only ever seen fans say that, i never heard it was canon.
To which I answered:


While it has not been said straight out that Fenris is dying in canon, David Gaider has said that he sees Fenris’ poisoning/lyrium poisoning as mercury poisoning which can and often is fatal.

Also it has been said that Danarius maintained Fenris’ lyrium, which would derive back to needing to burn it off. But yeah, Fenris definitely has ill effects from the lyrium in canon and Gaider seems to be leaning towards death as one.

I hadn’t really looked too much into this lyrium poisoning thing, because I thought it was just a headcanon that got out of hand (a good one, but I don’t reblog that many headcanons).

But this… this is the real thing… And a frightening thing at that… I’m curious to see if this will go anywhere remotely canon, but I’m also scared shitless…

1 week ago
fenris lyrium poisoning dragon age headcanon