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A Fenris (Dragon Age II) blog. I post my Dragon Age art and I reblog a lot of other DA stuff. I answer questions Fenris gets asked (when I have time), and I draw DA themed commissions.
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Every time…

1 day ago
fenris Garrett Hawke fenhawke dragon age
2 days ago
sebastian vael fenris dragon age


Thanks for being so patient ;w;

pose ref

3 days ago
fenris dragon age



fenris wheel

4 days ago
fenris this was bound to happen someday dragon age


Color palette meme  (#1) + Dragon Age Ⅱ : M!Hawke/Fenris 

I appreciate your cooperation!

I’m so sorry.

Hmm, I can’t come up with a good idea.

5 days ago
fenris hawke fenhawke Garrett Hawke dragon age


Where did the Hawkes and their companions go after their ordeal in Kirkwall, I wonder…


I have 59 sets of cards to sell. I am willing to order more, but preferably not because of copyright issues. I want to keep this limited.



1 set:    $16

2 sets:  $26.50

3 sets:  $40

All prices include shipping and Paypal fee.

All prices are in USD.

You can buy three sets max.

(If you live in the Netherlands, please let me know because the shipping will be cheaper!)



Send me fanmail with your email address so I can contact you about your shipping address. Please specify how many sets you’d like to order.

When I have sent you the payment information, you have three days to send payment. If I don’t receive it before then, your cards will go back into sale.



I only accept Paypal.

I am not responsible for lost packages.



  • Please don’t scan the cards.
  • The cards will not be sold separately.
  • The teasers can be found here.
  • I hope you’ll like them!


Don’t be afraid to ask me if you have any questions!

Below, I will make a list of the people who have ordered a set.

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6 days ago
signal boost I don't think everyone has seen this yet

Commission for Amerkin

Cassandra, Sebastian, and Leliana


Want to commission me? Go here.

1 week ago
amerkin Cassandra Pentaghast sebastian vael Leliana sister nightingale dragon age art commissions nsfw ish


Yay! My postcards from askbroodyelf came today!

Yush! More are arriving! I hope you like them! <3

If people are interested, I still have postcards for sale here.

1 week ago
da postcards


Look what arrived!! So quickly too!
They are absolutely gorgeous, brenna-ivy , I love them, thank you!
(Also I didn’t know I needed Zevran/Fenris in my life but I dooo)

That is very fast indeed! Go postal services! I’m happy that you like them ^^

2 weeks ago
Da postcards


Carver: You know, Fenris, I have a tattoo.

Fenris: You have a what?

Carver: A tattoo. A lot of us got them before Ostagar. It’s a Mabari. For strength.

Fenris: Does it curse you with the ability to reach into a man and tear out his insides?

Carver: Uh. I can make it bark.

Fenris: Please don’t.

Isabela: Rather see it wag.

Hawke: (Sighs)

2 weeks ago
banter fenris carver isabela Hawke dragon age