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A Fenris (Dragon Age II) blog. I post my Dragon Age art and I reblog a lot of other DA stuff. I answer questions Fenris gets asked (when I have time), and I draw DA themed commissions.
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3 days ago
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This was meant for January, Capricorn Fenris as some kind of Satyr-like Capricorn creature …

I am a Capricorn… How delightfully ironic X3

3 days ago
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Commission for nomanono

Hawke trying to make Fenders happen


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4 days ago
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Commission for hornkerling

Fenris and Varania (renamed Nox) from her fic, based on the Canon Divergence prompt

Nox was standing at the entrance to Bethany’s clinic, sword at her hip, hair falling loose and ragged about her face. It was almost shoulder-length, now. Fine and white, and completely wrong. Fenris glared at the ground.

“What do you want?”

“I came to see you.”

Nox sighed. “I don’t want—”

“—I came to see you, and return this,” he said, through clenched teeth. “It was how Anders and I followed you, all those months. Minrathous to Perivantium. Par Vollen.” He looked up, shaking his head at his own foolish words. He held the battered gold locket out on his open palm. “And the Free Marches. Inside, there is the remains of a letter you wrote. The last thing you handled before—” he swallowed. “It was Varania’s. Addressed to me. I used it to find you.”

Read the complete fic here


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1 week ago
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Help Broody out?

There’s a big chance I’ll be making a calender for next year. 2014 was the year of DA boys, so guess what 2015 will be? Female goodness!

With Inquisition coming out this year, I want to include some of the girls from that game as well. But I only have twelve months on the calendar… and certainly more than twelve girls… so I’d have to choose who to include in the calendar… and I just can’t! So please help me out :)

Let me know who your favorite female characters are. I’d like to cover DA: Origins, DA II, and DA: Inquisition (possibly DA: Awakening as well, but the female characters didn’t blow me away).

The twelve most popular DA girls will get a place in my calendar!

Thank you! <3

1 week ago
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So I commissioned the amazing and wonderful gristol for Fenris with an undercut, and this is the absolutely beautiful piece that she produced. I’m so in love with it, her art style is just stunning.

If you’re not following her already, you’re missing out, go follow her!! You won’t regret it.

Posted with the artist’s permission. c:

1 week ago
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Hawke giving Fenris a reading lesson. If enough people like this I’ll post the rest of the Thedas ABCs.

1 week ago
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1 week ago
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Long hair before or after the events of DA2?

2 weeks ago
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I have an empty commission list!

So here’s a little signal boost <3

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Please have a look at my prices and commission conditions here.

I’m sorry for this self promotion! Have a great day! <3

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